1st Day Procedure for K arrival and dismissal/lunch google form

Hello Kindergarten families! 
We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday 9/5/23 for our first day of school. We know this is a very exciting (and scary) time! 
To ease this transition we will have a table set up outside to the left of the awning at the front entrance. We will greet you, give your child a nametag, and of course be available to snap a photo or 2. 
We will line your children up on the sidewalk either  under the awning or along the building depending on how congested this area becomes. We will enter the building at approximately 9:00 in a perfect 1st day of Kindergarten line, so please plan accordingly. 
Please be patient with us as we do not know you or your children well yet, it won't be long! There is a chance we may run late and enter the building after 9. We never know what is going to happen on the first day!
For the remainder of the year students being dropped off will be dropped off in this same spot,  walk along the building on the sidewalk, and enter the cafeteria via the side door where they will be met by school staff and be supervised until the school day begins. Supervision begins at 8:45 please do not drop children off before then! We look forward to a wonderful 1st day!

Please fill in this google form prior to the first day of school (the sooner the better) so we can be organized on day 1!! 

1st Day Lunch/Dismissal